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How to install Japanese apps?

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ℹ️ This guide might be outdated. Please refer to this guide for the latest version.

This guide allows you to download apps directly from the stores, so you only have to follow this once and you will be able to update the app without having to install anything else!


(you can also use an other VPN app if you want)

  • Create an account then login on the app

  • Change the country to Japan and connect the VPN

  • Go to Android settings, then Accounts

  • Add a Google Account

  • Create a new Google account

  • You can skip the payment

  • You don't have to sync anything

  • Open Google Play, switch to the new account you created

  • You can now install and update Japanese apps directly from the Japanese Google Play Store!

  • You can turn off TunnelBear when you're done installing your app.


  • Go to
  • Scroll down the page and click on the round flag

  • Change the country to Japan

  • Depending on your operating system, it might open the iTunes app. In that case, make sure you scroll down and change the language again. Also, if you're already logged in with another account, log out before doing anything!

  • Create a new Apple ID

  • Make sure you're creating it in Japan! Accept the terms.

  • Fill in your info

  • Click on "None" to skip the payment. If you can't see the button, it means you messed up somewhere. Don't try to add a payment method, it will not work, you really need to be Japanese. Start over, click on the button to download the app, create a new account.

  • Enter a valid Japanese address. If you don't know any, just go to Google map and pick a random location.

  • Open your emails to verify your new account

  • Sign in with your new Japanese account anywhere you need to download Japanese apps

  • You can now download the game from the App Store \o/

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