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The Pokémon GO Sharing Community

Get Started

  • Install pre-requirements

    • Debian, Ubuntu, and variants

      apt-get install libpython-dev libffi-dev python-virtualenv libmysqlclient-dev nodejs
    • Arch

      pacman -S libffi python-virtualenv libmysqlclient nodejs
  • Clone the repo

    git clone
    cd StardustRun
  • Create a virtualenv to isolate the package dependencies locally

    virtualenv env
    source env/bin/activate
  • Install packages (including MagiCircles)

    pip install --upgrade setuptools
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Create tables, initialize database

    python migrate
  • Create the initial database of Pokémon (optional)

    pip install beautifulsoup4
    pip install html5lib
    python import_serebii

    You may use "noimages" after "import_serebii" to make it faster

  • Generate the generated settings

    python generate_settings
  • Get the static files

    git clone
    mv StardustRun-Static stardustrun/static
  • Download front-end dependencies

    npm install -g bower
    bower install
  • Launch the server

    python runserver
  • Open your browser to http://localhost:8000/ to see the website


  • Compile localized messages

    python compilemessages
  • Fill the map with users locations

    python latlong