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Test code to check if Appium works well for the various environments.
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Test code to check if Appium works well for the various environments.


  • Install Node.js and npm.
  • Install Java8 and Java9 (both required to pass all tests)
  • Install required library by npm install in this directory.
  • Install Appium server so that it can be called from the command line.
  • Connect Android real device and iOS real device for which required Appium set up has been completed.
  • Create AVD (= Android emulator) used for the test (don't need to launch it).
  • Set the following environment variable if necessary.
    • APPLE_TEAM_ID_FOR_MAGIC_POD: Your Apple team ID for iOS real device test.
    • UPDATED_WDA_BUNDLE_ID_FOR_MAGIC_POD: UpdatedWdaBundleID capabilities which is sometimes required for iOS real device test.
    • AVD10_FOR_MAGIC_POD: The name of the existing AVD (= Android emulator) for Android 10 emulator test like Nexus_5_API_29.
    • AVD9_FOR_MAGIC_POD: Similar to AVD7_FOR_MAGIC_POD, like Pixel_API_28.
  • npm test

Run only specific test

If you want to run only tests for some platform, use the command like the following:

npm test -- --grep "iOS real device"

Run for the Appium server from the latest GtiHub master

Run like the following.

APPIUM_MAIN_JS_PATH_FOR_MAGIC_POD=/Users/itonozomi/Documents/GitHub/appium/build/lib/main.js npm test

If APPIUM_MAIN_JS_PATH_FOR_MAGIC_POD environment variable is specified, the test calls main.js by node instead of the Appium executable.

Our test result

  • Appium 1.17.0: passed all tests
  • Appium 1.16.0: passed all tests
  • Appium 1.15.0: passed all tests, but seems to has some problems like this and this and this and this.
  • Appium 1.14.0: passed all tests
  • Appium 1.13.0: found a problem
  • Appium 1.12.1: passed all tests, but has small problem
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