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Magic Bees is an addon for Forestry that adds several new bee species with a magical theme. Breeding them will help you brew potions, or give you extra ways to make resources for other magic-themed mods such as Thaumcraft and Ars Magica.


Magic Bees depends on Forestry, which is required. You may download Forestry here.

Minecraft Forge is also needed to run Forestry. Magic Bees will usually work with whichever version of Forge Forestry requires.

To install, simply download the mod from CurseForge and place in the mods folder of your Minecraft instance.


Adding the following mods will result in additional features being unlocked:

  • Extra Bees - Mutations to get the Thaumic Bees species will use Extra Bees species in some cases. If Thaumcraft is installed, TB will add aspects to Extra Bees items. You will also get access to Thaumic Bees alleles though the genetic machines.
  • Thaumcraft - Adds several tools related to Thaumcraft & Forestry, as well as adding Thaumcraft aspects to many Forestry items and blocks.
  • Equivalent Exchange 3 - Adds the Minium Bee, which produces Minium Shards. More features to come in the future.
  • Ars Magica - Adds 13 bee species that interact with Ars Magica, or produce AM items.
  • Tinker's Construct - Adds 3 new bee species to help produce some of the higher tier metals. The Aluminum bee will also help with producing some lower-tier alloys as well.


MagicBees is licesed under the WTFPL ( )

Seriously, do whatever. Just don't ask us to support it if we didn't distribute it. =D

We didn't distribute it if you downloaded it from a site other than CurseForge, or from a modpack that does not use CurseForge as their source.

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