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Grzegorz Blach MagikBSD

  • @MagikBSD a65d22a
    Remove *.o, *.so and login_passwd
MagikBSD created branch master at MagikBSD/bsd_auth
MagikBSD created repository MagikBSD/bsd_auth
  • @MagikBSD 9de04e7
    Remove unused PAMDIR variable
MagikBSD created tag 2.4 at MagikBSD/please
  • @MagikBSD 29f6ee2
    Update pam configuration for Debian
  • @MagikBSD 3c79d66
    Add pam configuration for Fedora
  • @MagikBSD e9038a9
    Updated pam configuration for FreeBSD
  • @MagikBSD 09b668d
    Add install inst. for Fedora
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