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A cyber security challenge that uses forensic analysis of image files using the "string" function in either Windows or Unix.
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STEM-Forensics-100-TMNT: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Security challenge. The user has to use strings to read hidden ASCII in various images. Then submit those to the web application to get the flag.

STEM-Forensics-200-DTMF: Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling (phone number noise). The user has to listen to a tone when translates to hex values. This is the flag.

STEM-Networking-100-MatrixUDP: The user has to simply send a UDP packet to the server, the server responds with a flag.

WCSC-Networking-Weekly12-PortalSong: The user connects to a service on the service which prompts the first line of the "Portal" song. The user has to play back the next line, the server follows up. The connection is closed after a few seconds so to get to the flag the entire process has to be scripted.

STEM-Web-100-InitechEmail: The user has to edit the form post parameters to alter the sender of the e-mail. This is essentially spoofing another user's e-mail address. Then they receive an e-mail with the flag.

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