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Oxy-ify is a fantastic Magisk Module that will turn your Android phone into a OnePlus device by adding:

  • the Oxygen OS boot animation;
  • the Oxygen OS media sounds;
  • the Oxygen OS apps (Camera, Gallery, Sound and Screen Recorder, Weather and Widget);
  • the OnePlus Widget;
  • the OnePlus Slate font.

This module uses Unity template with volume keys addon. That means that you can choose to install just what you prefer during the installation process.


Only versions after 2.2 were distributed through Magisk Modules Repo

V 4.5

  • Added Screen Recorder;
  • Temporarily block installation on Android 10.

V 4.4

  • Updated OP Gallery to 3.7;
  • Removed OP Launcher

V 4.3.1

V 4.3

App updates (Gallery to 3.5 and Weather to 2.5)

V 4.2.3

Bug fixes to the installer

V 4.2.2

Further bug fixes

V 4.2.1

Fix for default ringtone, alarm and notification sounds.

V 4.2

  • Updated Unity to 4.2 (same as module version lol);
  • Tones of bug fixes.

V 4.1

  • Added default ringtone, notification sound and alarm;
  • Fixed conflicts with Google Sounds;
  • Blacklisted Samsung devices;

V 4.0

  • Updated to Unity 4-0 and new Magisk Module Installer Template;
  • Blacklisted Google Pixel devices;
  • OP Gallery bug fixes;
  • Removed ui sounds.

V 3.2

  • Update Gallery to 3.1.x;
  • Reverted old Camera (new one was giving problems to most users)

V 3.1

  • Added Calculator (press 1+ for the easter egg);
  • Updated Camera to 3.x;
  • Updated Weather app to 2.4.x

V 3.0

  • Now you can select what apps to install;
  • Added modded OnePlus launcher;
  • Now sound recorder supports Android Marshmallow.

V 2.4

  • Fixed OnePlus Weather crash;
  • Updated Sound Recorder to 2.0;
  • Removed xml.

V 2.3

  • Updated OnePlus Weather to 2.3.x;
  • Updated modded OnePlus Widget to 1.1.x;
  • Fixed boot animation applied with aborted option.

V 2.2

Added modded OnePlus Widget and OnePlus Weather.

V 2.1

  • Fixed Gallery editor crash;
  • Improvements to xml;
  • Added app support for Arm32 devices;
  • Added app support for devices with Android Nougat;
  • Reverted boot animation changes;
  • Improvements to xml file.

V 2.0

  • Unity installer implementation;
  • Added some old custom sounds of Oxygen OS;
  • Changed boot animation path;
  • Boot animation now supports HTC devices;
  • Apps can now be installed with devices with at least Android 8.1 Oreo and Arm64 architecture.

V 1.1

  • Added xml (should allow OnePlus Gallery to update via Play Store);
  • Removed OnePlus launcher as led to issues.

V 1.0

Initial release.


  • Magisk
  • Android Lollipop+

Android 10 is currently unsupported.

All AOSP-based Roms and stock Roms are supported, even MIUI and EMUI.

Google Pixel devices with stock OS and Samsung One UI are not supported, don't flash there.

How to reach out to me

  • Thread XDA
  • Telegram Group


Visit the Oxy-ify wiki for further information about supported devices, apps, and more.


I do not ask for any kind of donation, I just leave my PayPal donation link if you feel like.

License agreement

All the components in this mod are protected under the GPL-V3 license agreement. The OnePlus Widget and the Sound recorder were kindly provided by erayrafet. If you intend to include those in your own mod out of Oxy-ify, first, you must ask him for a permission.


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