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Mi AI Button Remapper


This Magisk module allows you to remap the dedicated Mi AI hardware button of the Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi Mix 3 to any one of 15 user-selectable functions.

The following functions are selectable during installation, using the hardware keys of the phone:

  • Camera
  • Screenshot
  • Google Search
  • Google Voice
  • Call
  • Contacts
  • Music Player
  • Mute/Unmute Media Volume
  • Play/Pause Media
  • Next Media
  • Recent Apps
  • Open/Close Quick Settings
  • Internet Browser
  • Calendar
  • Calculator
  • No Function

To change the currently mapped function, simply reinstall the module, make a new selection and reboot.

To restore the default Mi AI behaviour, simply deactivate or uninstall the module and reboot.

XDA-Developers Thread:


2019-04-18: v0.4

  • No double tap (It cannot actually work - no mapping equivalent)
  • Device checking addition
  • No function (disable of button) addition

2019-04-06: v0.3

  • Fix for double selecting problem

2019-04-05: v0.2

  • Fix of some residues of the old repo

2019-04-04: v0.1

  • Initial release.
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