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DNS Switch allows you to change your dns systemlessly with terminal. Type su then dns_switch in terminal to enter the menu. Select custom DNS to enter the DNS you would like to use. Enter dns_switch -h or dns_switch --help To check if custom dns is working type nslookup into terminal. for example nslookup A new feature has been added thanks to @vr25. Now you can use dns_switch updates without having to reboot! Everything is now symlinked to /sbin


  • All Devices
  • All Android Versions
  • Selinux enforcing
  • All root solutions (requires init.d support if not using magisk or supersu. Try Init.d Injector)
  • Thanks to @veez21 for mod-util @zackptg5 for unity/modifying mod-util for all root support @didgeridoohan for allowing me to use/modify his logging code

Change Log

###v12 - 2019.08.03

  • Fix not found error

v11 - 2019.08.03

  • Fix some typos
  • Fix no shebang (script will now run) Sorry about that guys

v10 - 08.02.2019

  • Fix logging (remove as unity addon)
  • Rebase entire mod on offical temolate
  • Make a few ui_prints more clear
  • Next update will have more features. This was more of a stability update more than anything

v8 - 05.27.2019

  • Once and for all fix logging errors. (tough bug)
  • Now work can begin on other features!

v7 - 05.27.2019

  • Hopefully fix errors once and for all

v6 - 05.26.2019

  • Finally all errors fixed

v5 - 05.21.2019

  • Unity v4.2 update
  • Start adding ipv6 and dnscrypt support (finished next release)
  • Finally fixed error
  • Logging finally merged as a unity addon. Get logging template from my github if you'd like to use logging addon.

v4 - 03.28.2019

  • Unity v4 update
  • Move logging into addon
  • Bug fixes

v3 - 11.02.2018

  • Fix service script

v2 - 11.02.2018

  • Added set on boot support
  • Added ability to see custom DNS(s)
  • Added a help option. run dns_switch -h or --help to see it
  • Upcoming features will be dnscrypt support/dns over https support and a few more surprises

v1 - 10.26.2018

  • Inital Release

Source Code

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