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Emoji Switch Guy

Systemlessly replace the emoji font 😂

This is a Magisk Module that can replace the system-wide emoji font with one from Twitter, JoyPixels, Google, or Samsung. These are the current versions of each set that is available in this module:

  • Twemoji - ??
  • JoyPixels - 4.5
  • Google - 9.0
  • Samsung - 9.0
  • Microsoft - missing!
  • Apple - iOS 10

note: bolded sets are out-of-date and could use an update! 😉


Install through Magisk Manager. Select the desired emoji set using the volume buttons. Upgrades will retain the selected emoji set. To undo the modification, remove the module.



  • Get the project off the ground
  • Using any ttf files I can find
  • Please help!
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