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Energized Protection - Magisk ⚡

Version _time_stamp_ _time_stamp_ blocking.
Energized consolidates several reputable hosts files, and merges them into a unified hosts file with duplicates removed. A variety of tailored hosts files are provided.

A Trio Project with ❤ from Bangladesh, India & Zanzibar.


  • hosts based: based on Hosts file, all the bad stuffs blocked with
  • any device: compatible with all devices, regardless of OS.
  • blockings: strictly blocks advertisements, malwares, spams, statistics & trackers on both web browsing and applications.
  • multiple formats: different variants for different devices.
  • speed you need: reduces page loading time upto half of its actual time!
  • privacy: with all these annoyances blocking, it also increases privacy.
  • saves expense: greatly decreases data consumption saving expense.
  • clean: no extra abracadabra!


Feature Details

  • 1-6 : Energized Packs - Energized main blocking packs.
  • p/pl/rl/s/x : Extensions - Porn, Porn Lite, Regional, Social and Xtreme Extensions, to apply with the main pack.
  • o : Open Hosts File - Open the hosts file.
  • c : Clear Hosts - this will clear your hosts file to default hosts. Also, clears filters.
  • w : Apply Whitelist - use this to apply whitelisted domains.
  • iw : Instant Whitelist - when you have to instantly whitelist one domain.
  • b : Apply Blacklist - use this to apply blacklisted domains.
  • ib : Instant Blacklist - when you have to instantly blacklist one domain.
  • re : Redirect Domains - redirect domains in redirectlist to an IP.
  • ir : Instant Redirect - when you have to instantly redirect one domain.
  • u : Update H&WB - this will update your current pack, and auto apply your whitelist and blacklist. Use this when you have to update.
  • ck : Check Domain - check a domain whether it's already blocked or not!
  • bp : Backup Hosts - makes a backup of your current hosts.
  • rs : Restore Hosts - restores the hosts you made a backup before.
  • i : Web & Info - Website and Infos.
  • ip : Redirection IP - to change the default ip to your own.
  • in : Instructions - type for detailed instructions.
  • si : Submit Issue - submit any issue via web app.
  • q : Quit - exit` the script.


  • Install the Busybox For Android NDK Busybox Module from Magisk Manager.


  • First Enable Systemless Hosts in Magisk Manager
  • Open terminal then type:
  • Then follow the prompts to install host file of choice

Whitelist ( Instructions:

  • Find text file on sdcard called whitelist in sdcard/EnergizedProtection/
  • Add the domain with redirecting IP to whitelist the exact domain. Ex.
  • Run hosts script and choose whitelist w option.

Whitelist (DOMAIN) Instructions:

  • Find text file on sdcard called whitelist in sdcard/EnergizedProtection/
  • Add the domain name only, to the whitelist. Ex.
  • Run hosts script and choose whitelist w option.

Whitelist (REGEX) Instructions:

  • Find text file on sdcard called whitelist in sdcard/EnergizedProtection/
  • Add the regex to whitelist. Ex. .*abcd.* and now all domains with abcd in it will be whitelisted.
  • Run hosts script and choose whitelist w option.

Altogether Whitelist

  • All Three Formats of whitelisting can be done by w only too.

Instant Whitelist

  • To instantly whitelist a domain, select iw and then type your domain.
  • Type Y and press enter.

Blacklist Instructions:

  • Find text file on sdcard called blacklist in sdcard/EnergizedProtection/
  • Add exact lines you want to remove it (do not include the -> so for example:
  • Run hosts script and choose blacklist b option.

Instant Blacklist

  • To instantly blacklist a domain, select ib and then type your domain.
  • Type Y and press enter.

Redirect Domains

  • Find text file on sdcard called redirectlist in sdcard/EnergizedProtection/
  • Add the domain name only, to the redirectlist. Ex.
  • Run hosts script and choose whitelist ri option.
  • Type your IP and type Y
  • Hit enter.

Instant Redirect

  • To instantly redirect a domain, select ir and then type your domain.
  • Type Y & hit enter.
  • Type your IPv4/v6 and press enter.
  • Type Y & wait for the script to finish redirecting.


  • Reboot once after applying hosts/whitelist/blacklist/redirectionlist.

To Remove Whitelist/Blacklist/Redirectionlist

  • Just run hosts script and reinstall host file of choice without selecting whitelist/blacklist/redirectionlist.

Uninstall Hosts

  • Run Clear Hosts by typing c and enter. It will clear your hosts file to stock state.



  • Added Magisk 19.0 Compatibility.
  • Added Busybox Magisk Module Check to Prevent grep & wget Error(s) Message(s).
  • Do your part! Let's subscribe to PewDiePie! :D


  • Added Magisk 18.0+ Systemless Hosts Support.
  • Fixed Update Checking Issue.
  • Improved Script Quality.


  • Added Magisk 17.4+ Systemless Hosts Support.
  • Updated to sh Posix Compliance.
  • Added Open Hosts File Option.
  • Renamed Current-O-Update to Update H&WB (Update Hosts & Whitelist-Blacklist).
  • Removed Delta Patchset Service. [DEPRECATED]
  • Retouched UI and Rearranged few Options.
  • Fixed Bugs.
  • Script Optimization.


  • Added Regional Extension Pack.
  • Fixed Update Checking Issue.
  • Script Optimization.


  • Improved instant Whitelist, Blacklist and Redirect Domain Features.
  • Improved Domain Check Feature.
  • Improved Delta Patch and Update Check Services.
  • Improved Detection Methods.
  • Added xtreme extension.
  • Added small letter y/n support for Instant Features.
  • Improved UI.
  • Updated Core Sources and URLs.
  • Fixed Few Previous Issues.
  • Overall Script Improvement Patches Applied.

v. mars

  • Replaced hosts format to hosts.gz format to download. Packs size reduced while downloading. Reduced upto 1/5 of each pack's size.
  • Improved Delta Patch and Update Check Features.
  • Fixed Backup Hosts Restoring.
  • Improved Backup and Restore Features.
  • Improved Current-O-Update Feature.
  • Script Improvement and Optimizations.

v. quinoa

  • Fixed Blacklist Applying Date Gap Issue.
  • Added Pack Name Input Support. (Ex. Typing spark will also apply The Spark Pack.)
  • Script Improvement and Optimizations.

v. edamame

  • Reworked script. Totally re-written to improve the script quality.
  • Added Redirect Domains, Instant Redirect, Backup & Restore & Domain Check Features.
  • Re-written Whitelist & Blacklist work-flow. Fixed issues.
  • Added blacklist Log to check already blacklisted domains.
  • Added whitelist Log to check already whitelisted domains.
  • Improved blacklisting features (Blacklist & Instant Blacklist) to remove duplicates.
  • Improved Current-O-Patch, Delta Patch & Redirection IP Features.
  • Redesigned Script UI.
  • Added Magisk Manager opener activity, via script.
  • Improved sleep parameters.
  • Improved adblocker detection. Thanks to Romain.
  • Added full Porn pack as extension.
  • Patched other fixes.
  • Improved Script.

Note: After installing new update, it will show an update is available, due to directory change.


  • Reworked Script.
  • Added Delta Patchset & Current-O-Update Features. (Check uppee details for more info)
  • Improved hosts clearing.
  • Added warning before applying large hosts.
  • Moved temp location to sdcard/EnergizedProtection.
  • Patches to fix whitelist and blacklist issues on few devices.
  • Added Instructions and Web Info options.
  • Improved Instant Whitelist and Blacklist.
  • Overall Script Improvements.


  • Added New Energized Pack, Spark - True Lite Hosts.
  • Fixed Minor Issues related to hosts download.
  • Fixed Script info Showing. You don't have to re-run script, to check changes.
  • Improved sleep Parameters.
  • Improved Script.


  • Fixed minor Update Checking Issue.
  • Fixed Whitelisting Issue using w.


  • Added instant blacklist and instant whitelist.
  • Re-written Script.
  • Added Custom Redirection IP Support.
  • Improved Script Quality.
  • Improved layout.
  • Improved sleep parameters.
  • Beautified Script and Outputs.
  • Fixed Blacklisting Issue.
  • Improved sleep parameters.
  • Improved Energized pack detection.
  • Version Bumped with Newer Energized Setup.


  • Added Extension Support.
  • Improved Overall Script Quality.


  • Improved whitelisting. All three formats (, domain & regex) can be whitelisted using w only.
  • Improved Energized Package Detection.
  • Improved other adblocker detection.
  • Improved hosts size detection.


  • Added Systemless Hosts Warning. If systemless hosts is disabled, script will exit!
  • Added one more whitelist support. Now it is possible to whitelist domains only using d.
  • Changed whitelisting regex input to r.
  • Hosts can be cleared using c to default.
  • Read more about the packages typing i and it will open up readme in browser.
  • It will warn, if any other adblocker is installed to avoid any conflict.
  • Now shows the Energized Pack you are using.


  • Fixed 'No Hosts Applied' issue after every update.
  • Stores Files to '/sdcard/EnergizedProtection' now.


  • Now Creates Energized Directory in '/sdcard/EnergizedProtection'
  • More Detailed Applying Info.
  • Improved Error Detection.


  • Fixed Few Issues.
  • Version Bumped.


  • Fixed Permission Denied Issue.
  • Fixed Config Prints.


  • Initial release.


Energized Hosts are basically hosts files to block access to domains. If you don't know how it works, then please try this at your own risk. I won't be responsible for any damage or loss. Never forget to make backups.





Let's make an annoyance free better open internet, altogether!

A project by Ador with ❤

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