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Gboard Themes


Gboard Themes is a Magisk module with themes invented trough modifying the only third party Gboard theme – the one from MIUI.

How does it work?

The module modifies two of your system props to map the theme location and adds a folder ([I]/system/etc/gboard_themes[/I]) with actual themes inside.

Included themes

Ported theme from POCO F1 / MIUI global + dark theme Amoled razor like(red, pink, green, teal, purple), white, fuschia,swiftkey by RKBD Ported theme from Veu cm11 theme by Arz Bhatia Windows like theme IOS/dark/transparent like theme material design 2 ninja theme = ninja pro (totally transparent theme) SwiftKey's dark/light/high contrast/ladybug/haze summer and more!


Module XDA Forum Thread

Telegram Group

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