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The most advanced Android tweaker, brings best battery saving, perfect balance and insane performance
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L Speed magisk

The most advanced Android tweaker.


L Speed is a modification that combines tweaks inside an intuitive module who aims to improve kernel with optimal parameter changes for the widest range of devices. It's goal is to improve overall performance, reduce significant lags, extend battery life and improve your experience on Android. Fully customizable module with prebuit manager. When we talk about the performances it'll improve your gaming experience (for example PUBG, Garena Free-fire, and bunch of others), otherside there is battery profile who aims to increase your Screen on time and idle time with minimal performance loss. If you are unsure, simple use the balance profile which is a perfect balance between those two. It's very simple to use, everything is well explained in the manager it self, every option have a info button beside it. The mod will and should work on any device that meets its minimum requirement. You only need a rooted Android device and proper installed busybox to function properly.

**Module with prebuilt manager**


  1. Root (Magisk 18.0 +)
  2. Properly installed busybox


  • For stable and beta versions, download link is below
  • For canary builds, download link is below

After downloading canary build you just have to repack zip, extract, go into master folder and zip all the files inside. Uninstalling current version is necessary. After everything is done, flash the zip.

Please provide L Speed logs located in: /data/lspeed/logs

And magisk logs, located in: /data/cache/magisk.log

Bug report

  • If you are one of the users with the issues on your device (such as bootloop, device freeze) please get Magisk canary (because of logs), test the problematic build and pass me L Speed and Magisk log, logcat will be also welcomed. You can pass them on any links from below (Telegram is recommended)


If you want, you can support me over Paypal donate, to support my work.



  • Improved arch detection
  • Updated virtual memory profiles
  • Improved calculations
  • Switched from unity to magisk template
  • Improved L button optimization
  • Fixed fstriming
  • Fixed ram cleaning
  • Fixed issues with applying some tweaks
  • Fixed problem with root stuck after script execution
  • Improved getting free ram before and after optimization
  • Fixed some weird logging issues
  • Improved agressive doze
  • Added start aggressive doze on boot if enabled
  • Fixed checking disable doze while chargin and disable device sensors
  • Added some bootloop preventers
  • Fixed issue with reverting settings
  • Fixed issue with not sticking a profile
  • Added custom busybox support
  • Added busybox support for some options
  • Fixed issue with detecting memTotal
  • Improved code for faster applying settings
  • Improved speed
  • Overall code fixes and improvements


  • Added window animation scale, transition animation scale, animator duration scale
  • Fixed files permissions
  • Updated IO Blocks profiles
  • Improved calculations for Ram Manager (all profiles) (less aggressive)
  • Disable I/O stats disabled by default on all profiles
  • Updated explanation of disable I/O stats
  • Updated heap optimization
  • Updated Virtual memory tweaks (all profiles)
  • Set rq_affinity only to 0 and 1, some kernels don't support aggressive
  • Fixed up some mess for dirty caches, fixed up expire time and how often to flush
  • Reduced percentage for max cache size before force to flush
  • Updated logging


  • L Speed manager removed from /system, zip should install it as user app
  • Established Scheduler tuner, support for deadline, anxiety, cfq, bfq, row, fiops, sio, sioplus, zen
  • Fixed SD tweak
  • Fixed syntax
  • Code improvements


  • Prevent issues when $memTotal return weird output (including non-integer values, empty strings...), in this case device acts like a 4GB RAM device
  • Improved IO block optimization profiles, fixed some mess
  • Updated min_free_kbytes and extra_free_kbytes calculation
  • Fixed text print when installing module
  • Removed some useless stuff from code
  • Fixed some syntax errors
  • Improved overall device performances and battery life


  • This version have everything disabled by default (if clean install)
  • Run script in background when executing on boot
  • Added boot completed check
  • Wait 1min 30secs after boot to set up parameters
  • Enabled adreno idler on balanced profile
  • Updated read_aheads for blocks
  • Updated net speed+
  • Improved disable debugging
  • Added ms to log timing
  • Fixed issues with Optimize button in manager
  • Updated busybox check
  • Updated code with POSIX syntax fixes
  • Improved code
  • Enabled full debug for this build


  • Increased optimize time to a bit more than 24h
  • Improved device optimization
  • Added user defined indicator
  • Improved chanigng profiles
  • Updated virtual memory tweaks
  • Updated IO block optimization
  • Updated logging
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