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Magisk Manager for Recovery Mode

(c) 2017-2018, VR25 @ xda-developers

License: GPL v3+


  • This software is provided as is, in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty. Always read the reference prior to installing/updating. While no cats have been harmed, I assume no responsibility under anything that might go wrong due to the use/misuse of it.
  • A copy of the GNU General Public License, version 3 or newer ships with every build. Please, read it prior to using, modifying and/or sharing any part of this work.
  • To prevent fraud, DO NOT mirror any link associated with the project.


  • Manage your Magisk image, data, modules & settings from recovery mode -- run "/data/media/mm" on terminal.


  • Enable/disable modules
  • Change Magisk settings (using vi text editor)
  • Automatically fix magisk.img (e2fsck -fy)
  • List installed modules
  • Make magisk.img survive standard TWRP factory resets
  • Resize magisk.img
  • Toggle auto_mount
  • Uninstall modules


  • Flash from Magisk Manager or TWRP as a regular Magisk module.


  • First time (right after installing/updating) -- run "mm" (on recovery terminal).
  • Next times (while in recovery) -- no need to re-flash the zip; simply run "/data/media/mm" on terminal.
  • Follow the instructions/wizard. Everything is interactive.



2018.8.1 (201808010)

  • General optimizations
  • New & simplified installer
  • Striped down (removed unnecessary code & files)
  • Updated documentation

2018.7.24 (201807240)

  • Fixed modPath detection issue (Magisk V16.6).
  • Updated documentation

2018.3.6 (201803060)

  • Reverted image mount point to /magisk for easier access (mm must be running or closed with CTRL+C)
  • Misc optimizations
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