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iOS12.1 Emoji

Changes systemless-ly the default emojis of your Android device with the ones from iOS 12.1. This module also changes the system font configuration so the font pack loads the modified emojis.

Preview of all the iOS12.1 emojis included in this module:

All included All the included emojis.


  • Magisk v17 or higher

Note: Tested on the Oneplus X running various android 9 roms with Magisk v19. Your mileage may vary.

How to download & install this module

Inside the Magisk manager app go to the "Downloads" section. You can find "iOS12.1 emoji font" listed there. Click on the download button (down arrow) and then click on "install". Wait a few seconds for the download & installing to finish.
After installing click on "reboot". Your device should reboot.

Note: When you experience problems installing this module check out this discussion on XDA

Note: Clear data of your keyboard app to enable ALL the Emoji fonts inside your keyboard app. You need to use a keyboard which supports Unicode 11 emojis [eg. Gboard]

How it works

Replaces the default emoji font (NotoColorEmoji.tff) with the iOS12.1 variant.



version 9.0

  • Updated module to support Magisk v19

version 8.0

  • Updated emojis to iOS 12.1 Beta 2
  • Update to Magisk version 1700

version 7.5

  • Update to Magisk version 1500

version 7.3

  • Updated for magisk v14.0
  • Updated script

version 7.1

  • oops.. fixed typo on the HTC font file :)

version 7

  • New emoji font
  • Fix for samsung & HTC roms.
  • Template V4

version 6

  • Saftey net breaks in magisk v13 beta so this is a temp fix by disabeling the post fs data script.
  • Disabled post-fs-data script
  • Disabled Dynamic fonts.xml
  • Disabled Dynamic fallback_fonts.xml

version 5

  • Added post-fs-data script
  • Dynamic fonts.xml
  • Dynamic fallback_fonts.xml

version 4

  • Updated font file
  • Some typo's fixed
  • Updated support links

version 3

  • Updated module for magisk v11.6

version 2

  • Name updated
  • Description added
  • Added Donate link

version 1

  • Initial Release
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