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Debloater (Terminal Emulator)

More info and details in the XDA Thread

Debloat your phone Systemlessly! With your own choices in Terminal Emulator menu. Just enter this command in Terminal Emulator:



debloat -h

And you will be presented with a list of apps inside /system. Just reboot and you will have it removed, systemless-ly


Go to the menu and type logs, this will upload the log files of this module and will generate a link. Send that :) Alternatively, Send /cache/terminal_debloater-verbose.log in the XDA thread. I'll examine it for problems and will try to fix it.



  • Update mod-util
  • Support only Magisk v18+!


  • Update mod-util
    • Reverted A/B detection


  • Update mod-util
    • Changes related to Magisk's path changes (will be removed when it's added in stable)
    • Better A/B detection
  • Misc improvements


  • Fix logs dirs not set


  • Updated mod-util
    • Adds prandom and CACHELOC variable
  • Fix bug when using debloat -d on system app folders
  • Fix refresh option in apps list
  • Add Import and Export UI
  • Improve importing and exporting
  • Misc improvements


  • Updated mod-util
    • Sets Magisk's busybox path on a higher level in $PATH
  • (Experimental) Add Custom Debloat Dir to be used on peculiar devices :P
  • Fixed app listing option in command line (again)
  • Misc improvements


  • Updated mod-util
    • This contains a fix for the ProgressBar on small devices (with small dpi)
  • Add refresh option when listing apps (App list now persist, unless you fully exit)
  • Fixed app listing option in command line
  • Misc improvements


  • Improved debloating, it now asks you to proceed or not
  • Display app info when uninstalling This allows you to make sure that the app you've chosen is correct
  • Installs by default in xbin
  • Misc improvements


  • New app listing stuff is added! This has fixed several issues that users were having for a while now.
  • Added warning when an error was detected during app detection
  • App directory is now specified when listing uninstalled apps
  • Misc improvements
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