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BS2B AudioUnit wrapper for use with OS X host applications.

To use the AudioUnit, install the contents of the zip-file (see "Downloads" top right) to ${YOUR_HOME_DIRECTORY}/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/ (you get to the library folder by option-clicking the Go-Menu in the Finder, for example).  Using Jack [1] or Soundflower [2], you can then feed the output of your Applications to e.g. AU Lab and enjoy the crossfeed.

To build, you should have a source tree named CoreAudio under Preferences -> Locations -> Source Trees which points to the CoreAudio directory from the Xcode Audio Tools.

Presets are currently not working.

A big thank you to Boris Mikhaylov for, you know, writing BS2B [3], to the MDA Plug-Ins Project [4] for the stereo plugin code, and to Fred Ghilini [5] for explaining the necessary Xcode project settings!

[4] and