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Welcome to the EliteMobs wiki!

Mission statement

This plugin aims to increase some variety and challenge to the end-game of Minecraft without incurring a substantial increase in resource usage.

Additionally, it tries to keep the spirit of vanilla Minecraft intact throughout all of this. It attempts to be an expansion of the existing content, and not a replacement or direct overhaul (though it is inevitable that some aspects of the base game will get rewritten in order to add new features).

For admins & server owners

This plugin is made for survival and survival-like (skyblock, skywars, heavily modded survival variants) servers. The plugin is meant to be usable simply by dragging and dropping the server jar into the server. The default settings are the ones I use on my own servers and are subject to tweaks as time goes on. However! Customizability has been a very high priority throughout the development process. One of the goals has been to make the plugin entirely translatable, which also means making every snippet of text it contains as customizable as possible. I am always open to new suggestions to make additional content configurable.

For other developers

Despite the GPLV3 and open-source nature of this project, I am neither looking for nor will I accept any code additions or changes at this time. I welcome branches, and would take immense pleasure to see where you can take this plugin; however, this is my first massive programming projects and as such is also a learning experience. However! Do not take this as me claiming I am beyond any criticism or that I won't listen to feedback - quite the opposite, I love it when people point out better ways of accomplishing things I've done in the plugin. I wish for this project to be something that I wrote end to end, with no code snippets that I am not aware of or that I don't understand.

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