Item Tier

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What is an item tier?

Item tiers are levels assigned to most Minecraft items by EliteMobs (currently most relevant for armor and weapons). These tier levels are then used internally by the custom combat system EliteMobs has to determine damage dealt, damage received and the level of the Elite Mobs that spawn around a player.

Which items have tiers?

Tools, weapons and armor, although currently it only matters as far as weapons and armor are concerned.

How are tier levels calculated?

Tiers are calculated based on the main enchantment + item material tier.

What are main enchantments?

Main enchantments are the enchantments from items I've selected as being the most relevant to that item. They go as follows:

  • Swords / Axes: Sharpness
  • Bows: Power
  • Armor: Protection
  • Pickaxes / shovels:

What are the item material tiers?

Item material tiers have a fixed value based on the material type, which goes like this:

  • Diamond: 1
  • Iron: 0.66
  • Wood: 0

How can I tell what tier an item is?

There are three ways to determine the item tier:

  1. If the item has been generated by EliteMobs and if the configuration settings allow it, the item itself will display the tier somewhere on the item lore.
  2. If you have the permissions for it, you can run the command "/em checktier". This displays all the info relevant to the combat system, including the average tier of your equipped items and guild tier bonus.
  3. You can do the math yourself. The formula is simply "main enchantment level + material type tier".
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