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23e7abb Oct 29, 2015
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Now you're symmetric! Maybe. Sort of.
$ pypy ~/Desktop/haarcascade_frontalface_default.xml
from time import time
import sys
from bp.filepath import FilePath
from opencv_cffi.core import Color, invert
from opencv_cffi.imaging import Camera
from opencv_cffi.gui import ESCAPE, Window
from opencv_cffi.object_detection import HaarClassifier
cascade_filepath = FilePath(sys.argv[1])
classifier = HaarClassifier.from_path(cascade_filepath, canny_pruning=True)
def uglify(frame, facetangle):
with frame.region_of_interest(facetangle.right_half):
def prettify(frame, facetangle):
with frame.region_of_interest(facetangle.right_half):
prettified = frame.flipped_vertical()
with frame.region_of_interest(facetangle.left_half):
def untransformed(frame, facetangle):
def debug(transform):
def _debug(frame, facetangle):
facetangle.draw_onto(frame, color=Color.GREEN)
transform(frame=frame, facetangle=facetangle)
return _debug
class Symmetrizer(object):
transform = staticmethod(prettify)
def handle_input(self, key):
if key == ESCAPE:
elif key == "0":
self.transform = untransformed
elif key == "p":
self.transform = prettify
elif key == "u":
self.transform = uglify
elif key == "D":
self.transform = debug(self.transform)
def symmetrized(self, camera=None):
if camera is None:
camera = Camera()
for frame in camera.frames():
for facetangle in classifier.detect_objects(inside=frame):
self.transform(frame=frame, facetangle=facetangle)
yield frame
with Window(name="Front") as front_window:
symmetrizer = Symmetrizer()
symmetrizer.symmetrized(), handle_input=symmetrizer.handle_input,