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A free theme for Lemonstand eCommerce
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Alice Four - a free LemonStand theme

Alice Four is a responsive theme for LemonStand eCommerce.

Created by: Magnus von Bromsen (Twitter: @magnus_vb) This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

A Back to Basic design with the menu on the left side. Upgraded with a modern design elements like a lot of white space, large buttons and text. The colors are configurable from the admin. Suitable for stores with 4-6 categories – and will put your products in the front.

Demo store available here

  1. Download or clone
  2. Follow the instructions at Lemonstand for importing a theme

Create widgets

You need to create these widgets. Read more here

  1. About page (code: about-text)
  2. Contact page (code: contact-text)
  3. Privacy page (code: privacy-text)
  4. Homepage intro (code: homepage-intro)

If you need customising of the theme, please contact me at

Studio Alice | | LemonStand Docs

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