Suru++ — An elegant third-party icons theme based on Sam Hewitt's Suru Icons
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A third-party Suru icons for Ubuntu 18.04

Optimized for Ubuntu 18.04

An elegant, modern and sweet Suru icons based on Suru Icons by Sam Hewitt



What is new in the version 17.1?

  • Added three alternatives of Firefox that you can choose:
Firefox Traditional Firefox Suru++ 20 Firefox Mozilla
Traditional Suru++ 20 Mozilla Unofficial
firefox.svg firefox-20.svg firefox-mozilla.svg

How to change the alternative of these?

  1. Go to /usr/share/applications/;
  2. Go to the desktop file Firefox;
  3. Open the file with your favourite text editor;
  4. Find Icon=... and modify it with one of three alternatives: Icon=firefox or Icon=firefox-20 or Icon=firefox-mozilla. Save it.


For Lubuntu users

As you want 24px and 26px icons to be colourful in the panel, and want the dark theme, please visit:

For non-Ubuntu users

This repository is designed only for Ubuntu. If you want the support for non-GNOME and non-Ubuntu, please visit @gusbemacbe’s Suru++ 20.

With CLI

Without CLI

Known bugs

This icon theme do not apply correctly the apps icons

Some apps, as AppImage-built, Snap-built and dpkg-installed apps do not use relative path or relative icon. They use absolute path. Other apps use misleading icon name, for example, GitHub Desktop uses the Icon=desktop.

Therefore, you must modify name of icon in the desktop configuration files at /usr/share/applications. We recommend you to back the modified desktop files to your_name/.local/share/applications because with the new updates, the system will revert to the original file.

Some icons are not applied correctly and look bad in KDE.

Because of this, I will no longer offer support for KDE due to these bugs. The KDE environment itself does not apply correctly the icons.

Do you support for other distributions, as Arch Linux, Linux Mint, etc.?

No, because if I will add everything, it will cause a lot of bugs and increase the file size. I would not like to work with bugs and to have headache. I prefer focusing only on Ubuntu distributions.

Therefore, you must consider my collaborator's alternative icon theme if you want this support: Suru++ 20.


  • Do you find the missed icons?
  • Do you find the misused icons?
  • Did you find the errors?

Report, but please provide well-detailed informations.


  • Would you like to improve our repository?
  • Do you want to add and request the icons? Make a pull request and we will analyse and approve or not.


The contributors is on the file AUTHORS.


Please visit the CHANGELOG.

Credit and Licences

CC-BYSA/GPL3 © Suru Icons by Sam Hewitt. GPL3 © 2018 Suru++ Ubuntu by Andrea Bonanni and Gustavo Costa.