About Bug Reports

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A few things to note:

A repro is most excellent

If you can include a working demo of the issue, you're 90% of the way there. This helps us greatly to see the problem and debug it much quicker. Without it, we need to understand how you are using it, which takes time.

What version?

Please include the version of the library which you are using. This will help us to isolate the issue quicker.

Details are crucial

Pictures help to explain visual issues. A video or screencast helps to see animation issues. If these are relevant to your use cases, please include them.

Bugs vs features

A bug is something that is wrong with a specific version of the application. A feature is a missing or new piece of functionality.

While we are happy to hear about requested features, new development is not a high-priority in the short-term. I'll clarify more about priorities over the coming weeks.