Use Go for fast hardware prototyping and simulation
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Use Go for fast hardware simulation/prototyping, this includes parameterized instantiations of memory blocks, processing units and the communication layout at SoC level. One of many research projects that use's tooling to synthesize the system prototypes into FPGA based logic.

Since Go is a high level language explicit hierarchy, IO protocol, clocks or resets won't appear in the code. Instead these will be introduced by the HLS tool targetting hardware in a wiser way such that hardware level details are not reflected to the designer. Moreover by abstracting these low-level details we are guaranteeing faster modeling and simulation times.

SSEM Model

Currently a high level model of a 4-stage in-order processor based on the Manchester Small-Scale Experimental Machine (SSEM) ISA is included. The SSEM has a 32-bit word length and a memory of 32 words.


Use the provided generator in generator/ to build an interconnected network of the node specified in the main directory. The Go generate tooling are used for this purpose. You could generate any network of any size by specifying the network configuration in the yml file. The Processor/Router spec should go into input.go.