Simple library to access the coderwall API from C/C++
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Coderwall C API - libcoderwall

A simple library to access the coderwall API. It provides data-structures and functions to make working with API easier from C/C++ applications.

Building the library

First ensure you have cmake installed on your machine. Then, enter the build directory (using cd for example) and run:

cmake .. && make all

This should generate the library file libcoderwall.a on Unix which you could then link with your binaries.


It is easy to write applications that use libcoderwall. All you need to do to get access to the data-structures and function libcoderwall provides is to include the following header file in the source of your application:

#include <coderwall/coderwall.h>

/* Your code follows below ... */

Then, when it's time to compile your appication, add the include directory to your c-compiler include path and link aginst libcoderwall.

For a practical example on how to use the library with a program, see the example directory which also includes a file to compile the example with cmake.

To compile the example, just enter the build directory and run:

cmake .. && make coderwall_user

Then simply use the new program to see information about developers. For example, to see information about me run (assuming you are in the build directory):

example/coderwall_user maher4ever

Running the unit-tests

This library is tested using gtest. To run the tests, enter the build directory and run:

cmake .. && make check


See the included LICENSE file.


Maher Sallam