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This directory has some benchmark scripts and their results.

Benchmarked libraries

I tried to include all ruby directories monitors which use Win32 API that I know of. If there are more, please let me know about them.


  1. Run bundle install to install all the prerequisites.
  2. Each type of benchmark is stored inside a separate directory. To run a benchmark, go into the directory of the benchmark and run the benchmark.rb file.


Here are the results of the benchmarks which were gathered on an Intel Core 2 Duo machine running Windows 7 (64-bit):

Detecting changes

Detecting changes results

Impact on performance

From the previous results you can conclude that FChange and WDM are the obvious winners. Thus, this test didn't include em-dir-watcher.

  • FChange: 65216,47%.
  • WDM: 41,13%.
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