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A community bash framework.
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Bash it

'Bash it' is a mash up of my own bash commands and scripts, other bash stuff I have found and a shameless ripoff of oh-my-zsh. :)

From what I remember, I've incorporated things I have found from the following:

Includes some autocompletion tools, theming support, aliases, custom functions, and more.


Check a clone of this repo. You can view what a sample ~/.bash_profile looks like in template/bash_profile.template.bash. If you wanted to use that template, make sure to make a backup of your current ~/.bash_profile file.

git clone bash_it

cp ~/.bash_profile ~/.bash_profile_original
cp /template/bash_profile.template.bash ~/.bash_profile

I'm working on adding various custom help screens to bash it. Currently, bash it has the following commands to show help screens:

bash-it (will show all the help commands)

Your Custom scripts, aliases, and functions

If you have custom stuff that you don't want committed to bash it, put those scripts into the custom directory. It is automatically ignored by git.


Currently, there is only 1 theme, 'bobby'. There is a base.theme.bash that includes various colors that can then be used to create custom themes. There is support for git in the prompt: showing what branch you're on, if you've committed locally or not, etc. I'm working on adding mercurial support as well.

Help out!

Just like oh-my-zsh, 'bash it' is meant for the community. If you have things to add, want to add a theme, etc. please fork this project and send me a pull request.

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