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1 parent d01bb37 commit d9a8f91472d42f39c4c9763fceeb0459448a1b2e Mark Cornick committed Sep 9, 2009
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  1. +10 −1 lib/capistrano/recipes/deploy/strategy/rsync_with_remote_cache.rb
@@ -46,26 +46,34 @@ def check!
# Path to the remote cache. We use a variable name and default that are compatible with
# the stock remote_cache strategy, for easy migration.
+ # @return [String] the path to the remote cache
def repository_cache
File.join(shared_path, configuration[:repository_cache] || "cached-copy")
# Path to the local cache. If not specified in the Capfile, we use an arbitrary default.
+ # @return [String] the path to the local cache
def local_cache
configuration[:local_cache] || ".rsync_cache"
# Options to use for rsync in step 2. If not specified in the Capfile, we use the default
# from prior versions.
+ # @return [String] the options to be passed to rsync
def rsync_options
configuration[:rsync_options] || "-az --delete"
+ # Port to use for rsync in step 2. If not specified with (ssh_options) in the Capfile, we
+ # use the default well-known port 22.
+ # @return [Fixnum] the port to connect to with rsync
def ssh_port
ssh_options[:port] || 22
- # Returns the host used in the rsync command, prefixed with user@ if user is specified in Capfile.
+ # Get a hostname to be used in the rsync command.
+ # @param [Capistrano::ServerDefinition, #host] the host which rsync will connect to
+ # @return [String] the hostname, prefixed with user@ if necessary
def rsync_host(server)
if configuration[:user]
@@ -91,6 +99,7 @@ def remove_cache_if_repo_changed
# Command to get source from SCM on the local side. The local cache is either created,
# updated, or destroyed and recreated depending on whether it exists and is a cache of
# the right repository.
+ # @return [String] command to either checkout or update the local cache
def command
if File.exists?(local_cache) &&

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