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Tools and technologies required for full stack development (.Net technology stack)
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Full Stack Development - Microsoft .NET stack

*Tools and technologies required for full stack development (.Net technology stack) *

This repository contains excel sheet which has list of frameworks, tools and technologies used in full stack development using Microsoft stack. Now a days, Being a .Net full stack developer, one must know wide variety of frameworks and tools. And there are lot of tools, frameworks and libraries are rolled out into the market every da, it is difficult for any one to know and learn everything.

So here i have tried to segregate the list and put into following categories

• Front end  
	○ Client side programming      
	○  Server side programming  
• Back end
	○ Business Logic implementation
	○ OR Mapping frameworks
	○ Architecture
• Database
• Development methodologies
• DevOps 
	○ Tools 
	○ Infrastructure
• Cloud Computing
	○ MS Azure services
○ Containerization

This could help to track and understand what technologies are popular and being used in market currently. I have tagged sub items in each category into following classification, so you can decide what to learn and what to skip.

• Must have • Good to have • Nice to have

Note: Depends on your experience, roles and responsibilities, the list of "Must have", "Good to have" may vary. you may not have to learn everything. For example if your are junior programmer, then you don't have learn very advanced concepts and practices.

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