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Extracted Metadata

Project Summary

The main goal of the project was to produce explanatory metadata that can effectively describe NetCDF datasets output from climate simulation models. The extracted metadata can facilitate the search and query of NetCDF data, so that researchers can easily discover and use climate data. The project was mainly developed using Python. A set of packages was utilised as follows:i)NetCDF4., ii)xml.etree.cElementTree., iii)xml.dom.minidom., iv)glob,and v)os. The extracted metadata was encoded using the standard Dublin Core XML-based schema. The project was developed in collaboration between the Greek Research and Technology Network (GrNet) and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. GrNet provided us with access to the ARIS supercomputing facility in Greece, which is usually utilised to run the computationally intensive climate simulation models. GrNET also manages the DSapce repository used to share NetCDF data.