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Project Jakutos is a Roguelike that I'm writing to learn both JavaScript the GitHub workflow. I've decided to use Might and Magic 6 as the model for this project.

current version: 0.4

The current master branch is playable directly on [GitHub Pages][reference-id-for-github-pages] [reference-id-for-github-pages]:http://maizure.github.io/jakutos/

Future: From January 2017 to early April 2017, I'll be tasked on a closed-source C project with a publishing quality ~5000 LOC deliverable. This means that my brain will be conceptually very far away from this project. But this isn't the end! While I won't be adding any new systems or gameplay elements, I will be refactoring and commenting the code on the master branch so I can pick this up in the spring. Keep an eye on the v0.5 branch for any subtantial changed between now and then. The roadmap below is still the goal.

##Implemented controls are as follows:
Arrows for 4-direction movement
M - Minimap (includes the whole MM6 main world)
+ and - -zooming in and out
A - Auto attack with best option.
1,2,3,4 - swap to that party member.

Right now, there is a default party with 4 different classes. Each has it's own attack spell and a bow for ranged fighting. All you can do right now is run around the world and fight randomly generated goblins. There's no way to heal yet. The party can die or go unconcious and you can't fight, but you can still move around on the map. Until the engine is fully developed, water is not an obstruction.

v0.4 branch in progress with quite a few more features.

##Tentative Roadmap v0.5 - Character development, skills/levels. More monsters and better placement. Bootleg Bay
v0.6 - Internal dungeon development (procedural? maybe). Free Haven
v0.7 - Quest framework. Town interactions. Darkmoon, SilverCove, and Myst
v0.8 - Character creation. Blackshire, Kreigspire, Frozen Highlands
v0.9 - Content Content Content. Spells, Monsters, and Quests. Sweet Water, Eel Infested Waters
v1.0 - Open to suggestion :)

##Version Notes

--*v0.4---Dec 31, 2016------------------------------
Added an Inventory system
Added Items and Item generation
Added more diverse colors in the world
Avatar icon interactions for HUD views
Inventory item hover popups
Dragging items between party members
General world beautification
UI beautification
Only obvious actions trigger time to pass
Chests and other containers
Monster spawning on the world map by class/type
Castle Ironfist more developed

--*v0.3---Dec 25, 2016------------------------------
Progressive terrain climbing - falling hurts
Player and monsters now cast attack spells.
Monsters now have an AI (inactive, attacking and fleeing)
Basic attack spells now in. Each default pary member has a different one
Hitting 'A' now auto-attacks closest enemy
Date and time tracked based on MM6 timeline
New Sporogal now looks much more like the original
Added a dev feature to edit maps in place

--*v0.2---Dec 18, 2016-------------------------------
Added a 'real' map to test based on Might & Magic 6
Decided to design this project as a roguelike based on MM6
Added HUD elements (party areas, message box, status bar, and hover bar)
Refactored objects to be more JS style instead of C procedures
Got the mouse involved
Window is fully resizable
Added actual monsters
Cleaned up the minimap and made it an overlay popup
Made the player a "party" with basic health stats
Monsters have health
Melee combat
Party members cycle through active
Removed animated motion for now

--*v0.1---Dec 8, 2016-------------------------------
The first published version...8 hours of sprint coding
Working map with two canvas layers
Multiple monsters with random AI (no interactions)
A minimap
Cardinal direction movement
Animated motion [REMOVED IN v0.3]