TestVille visualizes multiple test metrics using a 3D-City-Layout.
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What is TestVille?

TestVille transforms your test data into a city map, which is populated by test cases in the form of buildings of different size, shape, and color. The streets connecting the buildings represent their respective requirements


The visualization displays test metrics given in json files (visualization files) using json-schema v4. The visualization files can be generated with the analysis module.


You can get the latest version of TestVille here.

Which file do you need?

You can visualize your with analysis transformed files with the online demo or download the whole project and run the visualisation module on your own system.

Quickstart Guide

You can find the quickstart guide here.

Online Demo

The online demo offers the possibility to visualize your analyzed data online (see).

Feature request / Bug / Feedback

Have a bug, a feature request or any question? Please open a new issue. Feedback is always welcome.