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Microservice Visualization with TADIS (Tool for Architecture Discovery) Automated Release Notes by gren

This repository contains software for analyzing and visualizing the topology of microservice systems.


TADIS consists of two microservices: an analyzer backend and a UI frontend (see the architecture picture below).

  • tadis-analyzer collects information about a system from different sources by executing a number of transformers. The result is provided as a system model in JSON. The analyzer is a microservice and also a NPM package. The microservice can be started directly, while the NPM package can be used in custom analyzers.
  • tadis-ui is based on webpack, D3, and graphviz. It visualizes systems provided by the tadis-analyzer endpoint /collect/system. The UI is specific to certain visualizations in microservice systems.

target architecture

Getting Started Example

An example of a customized analyzer is provided in customized-analyzer-example.

  • The customized analyzer is implemented by a NPM package that depends on the tadis-analyzer NPM package.
  • It implements a custom collector which uses certain transformers for source code analysis.
  • It contains source code of a dummy system for analysis.

Please follow the instructions provided here to setup the example.



Apache License, Version 2.0

Copyright 2017-2019 Andreas Blunk, MaibornWolff GmbH