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UP 3D Printer Tools
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* development:
  decoupled junction calculation from extruder
  moved factor calculation to right place (unit_vector was already the factor)
  prevent creation of reverse steps
  optimize code (calculate only once)
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UP 3D Printer Tools

Download: Release

Instructions: up3dtools-how-to


G-Code to UpMachineCode (UMC) converter

Usage: up3dtranscode machinetype input.gcode output.umc nozzleheight

          machinetype:  mini / classic / plus / box
          input.gcode:  g-code file from slic3r/cura/simplify
          output.umc:   up machine code file which will be generated
          nozzleheight: nozzle distance from bed (e.g. 123.45)

example: up3dtranscode mini input.gcode output.umc 123.1


UpMachineCode (UMC) uploader, sends the umc file to printer and starts a print

Usage: up3dload output.umc


Interactive printer monitor and debugging tool, use to watch printing

Usage: up3dshell


Program to show the details of the connected UP printer

Usage: up3dinfo
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