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Email Engine Configuration
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You can choose, which delivery engine MailBeez should use to send out the generated Emails:

  1. Shop (default): Email-Function of your Shop-System
  2. Newsletter2Go (recommended): Email delivery through the certified Servers of Newsletter2Go
  3. SMTP: any SMTP Server

###Shop (default)

With the default setting MailBeez is utilizing the email function of your shop system to send out emails.

Advantage Disadvantage
no configuration necessary check for email limit of your mail server
no additional costs risk of spam rating on your mail server
delivery rates are depending on your mail server, typically less than 50%

###Newsletter2Go (recommended) Newsletter2Go located in Germany, Berlin acchieves delivery rates of up to 99,5% thanks to their certified servers:

Newsletter2Go says:

Get the highest delivery rates thanks to whitelisting. With Newsletter2Go you can bypass spam filters thanks to our certificates.

Advantage Disadvantage
bypass spam filters thanks to server certificates SPF configuration recommended
Whitelisting of 2,4 Billion Email addresses additional costs, should be covered by increased delivery rates
No throttling required
You don't have to worry about blacklists, spam ratings etc.
1000 free emails each month

Within the MailBeez System you can directly register at Newsletter2Go. This will automatically set up the integration for you. After approval of your account you are ready to let MailBeez send its emails through the certified servers of Newsletter2Go.


This option allows you to configure any SMTP server.

Advantage Disadvantage
any STMP server can be configured configuration efforts
support for DKIM risk of spam rating on your mail server
no additional costs delivery rates are depending on your mail server, typically less than 50%

Settings for using Gmail Email-Servers:  
 Auth: true  
 security: ssl  
 Port: 465

Error Sending Emails

In case the SMTP server throws an error when trying to send an email, this email will be marked with message_id=-1.

The system status overview will tell you, how many errors have occurred.

With click on the tool symbol, you can choose between following actions to resolve the situation:

####Restart The faulty entries will be deleted from your system. Depending on the timing and module configuration the system will try to send them again.

####Ignore The faulty entries will be marked, and the system will not try to send them again.

Please check the configuration of your SMTP server in case you get many errors. Some SMTP-Server might be configured to send only emails with a specific sender domain. So for a different sender-domain the SMTP-Server will quit with an error.