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@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ First checkout the code and pulldown the required dependencies as submodules:
git clone
cd MailCore/
- git submodule update --update
+ git submodule update --init
Now open up MailCore.xcodeproj and build either the iOS static library or the Mac OS X framework depending on your needs.
@@ -21,21 +21,7 @@ The official site contains documentation, FAQs, and step by step instructions on
-## Migrating to Version 1.0
-The latest version of MailCore is no longer backwards compatible with earlier versions. I tried to keep backwards compatibility, but it became too complex, sorry :(
-The biggest change is that exceptions are no longer used. Instead each method either returns a BOOL or an object that can be checked for success. If an error occurs each object has a `- (NSError *)lastError` method that can be consulted.
-Here are a list of major changes:
-* The method `- (int)fetchBody` has been renamed to `- (BOOL)fetchBodyStructure`
-* The methods `messageObjectsFromIndex:toIndex:` and `messageListWithFetchAttributes:` have both been removed. They've been replaced by the new and improved `messagesFromSequenceNumber:to:withFetchAttributes:` and `messagesFromUID:to:withFetchAttributes:`. Please see the header file CTCoreFolder.m for details.
-- NSException is no longer used, instead NSError is used.
-- A CTCoreMessage's to, from, sender, bcc, cc, and subject values are nil when they have not been downloaded or message doesn't have them
-- Message UIDs are now NSUIntegers instead of NSStrings
-- `- (BOOL)isUIDValid:(NSString *)uid` has been removed. Instead check your uid validity value manually
-Matt Ronge
+Matt Ronge

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