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CTCoreMessage:setBody: causes htmlBody to be filled with the plain text body #28

junjie opened this Issue · 1 comment

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CTCoreMessage *message = [CTCoreMessage new];
[message setTo:@"];
[message setFrom:[NSSet setWithObject:@""]];
[message setBody:@"Some long body text"];
NSLog(@"Body: %@", message.body);
NSLog(@"HTML Body: %@", message.htmlBody);

We save a copy of this message object in the outbox/local sent message folder of some sort.

When accessing this message object, it becomes misleading that the mail actually had HTML content when it really doesn't.

The issue is that if we trust MailCore to return HTML content while accessing htmlBody, but what it returns is actually plain text, then formatting becomes an issue as line breaks in plain text are ignored by UIWebView.

Also found that if you set htmlBody to nil or @"" to prevent the issue, both body and htmlBody becomes empty.


Hi, any updates on this issue?

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