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Hi,I recived a mail with IMAP folder,this mail has some images inline .When I show the mail use a UIWebView,like this :[webView loadHTMLString:msg.htmlBody baseURL:nil],it can show the text part ,but the image just a frame and its alt name.What is the problem?Is this version donot support inline image?because I see this "For JPEG's We are ignoring the Content-Disposition:inline;not sure if we should be doing this?" in CTMIMETests.m. If this is the reason that I cannot show the image ,I Strongly recommended that we should do it.


I'm having the same problem.


Hi,Shasoosh.I found a solution,you should retrive the content of the image which encoding on base64 and the content -ID,they are included in rfc822.The struct like this :


I recommend you have a look at the doc of rfc822.

mronge commented Mar 14, 2013

This RFC should be helpful

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