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December 6

  • Added local repeat mode to the app

December 5

  • Added .Net Core 3.1 support
  • Add JavaScript
  • Added "seed" parameter to app's config

December 4

  • Show player names when viewing game
  • Fixed teleportation bug

December 3

  • Weapon can now be reloaded manually (UnitAction.reload)

December 2

  • Increased score for killing enemy unit to 1000
  • Added F#
  • Added Scala

November 29

  • Added CustomData::PlacedText
  • Fixed debug rendering flickering
  • Fixed programming language icons
  • Fixed scores of games on server
  • Fixed some problems with the testing system

November 28

  • The app now sets its current directory to the directory of the executable (fix file not found on MacOS)
  • Site should now accept all correct submissions
  • Other minor fixes

November 27

  • Updated the app (fixed issue with fonts)
  • Other minor fixes
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