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shawniverson Update 5.2.1-1 (#410)
* Initial Refactor for 5.1.4-1

* Reorder docs and patch processing

* Explicit targets for copy

* Update install phase of specs

* Disable AutoReqProv

* Update install splash

* Refactor post install

* Update README

* Distinguish rhel and suse rpms in naming
Clarify naming in README
Log ms-configure to /var/log

* Do not automatically enable mailscanner on debian builds
Move notes in packages to end of ms-configure
Alter notes in specs to notify user to run ms-configure

* Correct package name in copy

* Move mtagroup creation back to spec

* patch.diff no longer valid

* Remove patch.diff from spec and build

* Bump to version 5.2.1-1 for major changes

* ATTENTION block added to README

* Cosmetic changes to README

* Tab cleanup of README

* Revert not enabling mailscanner during install

* Explicit destination file for copy on suse builds

* Reorder doc copies for tarballing

* Remove unneeded subdirectory in suse build

* 5.2.1-1 Builds
Latest commit 0a87daf Nov 3, 2019
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