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The OpenRA developers are:
* Alli Witheford (alzeih)
* Caleb Anderson (RobotCaleb)
* Chris Forbes (chrisf)
* Curtis Shmyr (hamb)
* Daniel Hernandez (Mancano)
* Matthew Bowra-Dean (beedee)
* Mike Bundy (kehaar)
Also thanks to:
* Andrew Riedi
* Bellator
* Christer Ulfsparre (Holloweye)
* Erasmus Schroder (rasco)
* Igor Popov (ihptru)
* Jeff Harris (jeff_1amstudios)
* Joakim Lindberg (booom3)
* Max Ugrumov (katzsmile)
* Lawrence Wang
* Matthew Gatland (mgatland)
* Max621
* Nukem
* Paolo Chiodi (paolochiodi)
* Paul Dovydaitis (pdovy)
* Ragequit
* Tim Mylemans (gecko)
* Riderr3
* Raymond Martineau
Past developers included:
* Paul Chote (pchote)
* Robert Pepperell (ytinasni)
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