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Commits on Dec 5, 2014
  1. @obrakmann

    Merge pull request #7049 from WolfGaming/FixUpgradeCrash

    obrakmann authored
    Added missing stance check.
  2. @pchote

    Merge pull request #7038 from Mailaender/packaging-tweaks

    pchote authored
    Reduced the Travis dependencies and adapted the installation instructions
Commits on Dec 4, 2014
  1. @obrakmann

    Merge pull request #7018 from atlimit8/PoisonedByTiberiumByUpgrade

    obrakmann authored
    Control whether actor is poisioned by resource through the use of upgrades.
  2. @obrakmann

    Merge pull request #6768 from atlimit8/PowerByUpgrade

    obrakmann authored
    Add Upgrade support to Power/CanPowerDown
  3. @atlimit8

    Support multiple Power traits

    atlimit8 authored
  4. @atlimit8
  5. @atlimit8
Commits on Dec 3, 2014
  1. @obrakmann

    Merge pull request #7043 from reaperrr/cnc-tileset-fix

    obrakmann authored
    Added map editor categories to TD tilesets
  2. @obrakmann

    Merge pull request #6979 from reaperrr/ra-reorg02

    obrakmann authored
    Moved various RA traits into Traits namespace & folders
  3. @reaperrr

    Adds editor categories to TD tilesets

    reaperrr authored
    Removes magenta desert tiles
  4. @reaperrr
Commits on Dec 2, 2014
  1. @obrakmann

    Merge pull request #6884 from MustaphaTR/ra-ai

    obrakmann authored
    RA - Updated AI
Commits on Dec 1, 2014
  1. @obrakmann

    Merge pull request #6890 from Mailaender/document-build-time-value

    obrakmann authored
    Documented various traits
  2. @WolfGaming
Commits on Nov 30, 2014
  1. Merge pull request #7046 from penev92/bleed_removeChronoshiftableTrai…

    Remove Chronoshiftable trait from TD mod vehicles
  2. @penev92
  3. document various traits

  4. document "Value"

  5. Merge pull request #7032 from RoosterDragon/less-makearray

    Change some Exts.MakeArray calls into Enumerable.Range.
  6. document Makefile changes

Commits on Nov 29, 2014
  1. @pchote
  2. @pchote

    Remove native code from deb packages.

    pchote authored pchote committed
  3. @pchote

    Remove automated rpm and arch packaging.

    pchote authored pchote committed
    See #6480 for the reasoning.
  4. @obrakmann

    Merge pull request #7013 from atlimit8/ModsCommonScripting

    obrakmann authored
    Move the core of OpenRA.Mods.RA.Scripting to OpenRA.Mods.Common.Scripting
  5. @obrakmann

    Merge pull request #6756 from RoosterDragon/release-more-buffers

    obrakmann authored
    Release more sheet buffers
  6. Merge pull request #7009 from obrakmann/fix7000_e3_close_range_fix

    Add min range to bazookas
  7. Merge pull request #7010 from obrakmann/fix6990_cargo_on_radar

    Do not show cargo on radar map
  8. @RoosterDragon
  9. @RoosterDragon

    Release sheet buffers in SequenceProvider and MapCache.

    RoosterDragon authored RoosterDragon committed
    The buffers in SequenceProvider can be freed if Preload is called, since we know everything is loaded. A SequenceProvider is created for each TileSet is use so this saves memory for however many tilesets had been used in the game. This will be at least one for the shellmap, and often more.
    The MapCache loading thread is kept alive for 5 seconds after it last generated a map (in anticipation of more requests). Once this time expires the thread is allowed to die, as it is unlikely there will be more requests in the short term. At this time it is ideal to force the changes to be committed to the texture so we can release the buffer. As well as marking the buffer for release, we must access the texture to force the changes stored in the buffer to be written to the texture, after which the buffer can be reclaimed.
    Additionally, when starting the MapCache loading thread we must ensure the buffer is created from the main thread since it may query the texture object which has thread affinity. After that the buffer may be modified freely on the loading thread until released.
  10. @RoosterDragon

    Made Sheet.Texture into Sheet.GetTexture() since we will want to call…

    RoosterDragon authored RoosterDragon committed
    … it for side-effects.
    Do the same for Sheet.Data since it has the side effect of generating a buffer.
  11. @RoosterDragon

    Lazily generate buffer in Sheet.

    RoosterDragon authored RoosterDragon committed
    The managed byte buffer is created on demand, meaning a newly allocated sheet will not waste memory holding onto the buffer until some changes are actually required to be written. This avoids a newly allocated sheet wasting memory on buffers that do not differ from their backing texture.
  12. @obrakmann

    Merge pull request #6780 from MatthijsBenschop/d2k-caryall

    obrakmann authored
    D2K: Implement automatic Carryall
  13. @MatthijsBenschop

    Add myself to Authors

    MatthijsBenschop authored
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