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Commits on Apr 27, 2013
  1. added the RA order palette buttons @xanax made

    different button for each action not faction
    tabs instead of spaces everywhere
    removed RA style buttons from C&C
  2. @JamesDunne
  3. @JamesDunne
  4. Added orders palette for RA.

  5. @JamesDunne
  6. @JamesDunne
  7. @JamesDunne

    Moved OrdersPaletteWidget inside Container@PLAYER_ROOT so it can rece…

    JamesDunne committed with
    …ive click events.
    Fixed Distinct() in grabbing orders for a selection of units to distinct by OrderID rather than by reference.
  8. @JamesDunne

    Reformat document.

    JamesDunne committed with
  9. @JamesDunne
  10. @JamesDunne
  11. @JamesDunne
  12. @JamesDunne

    Successful build!

    JamesDunne committed with
  13. @pchote

    Tooltip bg for opal

    pchote committed with
  14. @chrisforbes
  15. @pchote

    Add some hacky opal buttons

    pchote committed with
  16. @chrisforbes
  17. @chrisforbes
  18. @chrisforbes
  19. @pchote

    Merge pull request #3145 from Mailaender/harvy-never-let-go

    pchote committed
    Undock harvesters when refinery is destroyed
  20. Merge pull request #3169 from pchote/colorpicker

    New Colorpicker with graphical mixer
  21. @pchote

    Merge pull request #3135 from ScottNZ/ui

    pchote committed
    Start moving towards saner RA widget logic
  22. @pchote

    Merge pull request #3141 from Mailaender/mechanic-wrench

    pchote committed
    Give the mechanic a wrench cursor icon instead of red-cross
  23. @pchote

    Merge pull request #3171 from Mailaender/lobby-tooltip-nre

    pchote committed
    Fixed NullReferenceException for unknown IPs in Lobby Tooltip
  24. @pchote

    Merge pull request #3172 from Mailaender/loadscreen-font-nre

    pchote committed
    Don't crash when the fonts are not yet loaded
  25. @pchote

    Merge pull request #3170 from Mailaender/d2k-weapons-nsis

    pchote committed
    Fixed d2k installation on Windows
  26. fix d2k installation on Windows

    closes #3168
  27. @pchote

    Implement the new color picker.

    pchote committed
  28. @pchote

    Add a hue selector widget.

    pchote committed
  29. @pchote
  30. @pchote
Commits on Apr 26, 2013
  1. Cache pause state and switch back to it when closing the ingame menu.…

    Scott_NZ committed
    … Fix formatting fail in d2k mod.yaml
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