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Commits on Sep 9, 2010
  1. @chrisforbes

    Small fix to Windows installer.

    Matthew committed with chrisforbes
  2. @chrisforbes
  3. @chrisforbes

    Bring makefile and Windows installer in to line with pchote's mod fol…

    Matthew committed with chrisforbes
    …der structure changes.
  4. @chrisforbes
  5. @pchote

    scores.mix is optional

    pchote committed
  6. @pchote

    Copy the RA loadscreen for cnc

    pchote committed
  7. @pchote
  8. @pchote
  9. @pchote

    Remove cruft

    pchote committed
  10. @chrisforbes
  11. @chrisforbes
  12. @chrisforbes
  13. @pchote
  14. @pchote
  15. @pchote

    Tidy ra dir

    pchote committed
  16. @pchote

    Package the bits into a mix

    pchote committed
  17. @pchote
  18. @pchote
  19. @pchote

    Fix defaultmod.

    pchote committed
  20. @pchote

    Use the new-format sequences.

    pchote committed
  21. @pchote

    Convert sequences to yaml

    pchote committed
  22. @chrisforbes

    Added zoom to editor. Fixed crashes. Added sane tabbing to new map di…

    Caleb Anderson committed with chrisforbes
    …alog. Added selection on tab - new map dialog
  23. @chrisforbes

    Minor Windows installer fixes.

    Matthew Bowra-Dean committed with chrisforbes
  24. @ytinasni
  25. @chrisforbes
  26. @chrisforbes
  27. @chrisforbes
  28. @pchote
  29. @ytinasni

    fix bug wrt tiberium infantry damage splashing; fix bug where Mobile+…

    ytinasni committed
    …Production units didn't work right
  30. @ytinasni

    fix actor leak bug

    ytinasni committed
  31. @chrisforbes
Commits on Sep 8, 2010
  1. Windows installer remembers previous install location.

    Matthew Bowra-Dean committed
  2. @chrisforbes
  3. @chrisforbes
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