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Tag: playtest-20100…
Commits on Sep 20, 2010
  1. @chrisforbes

    add debug for this desync

    chrisforbes authored
Commits on Sep 19, 2010
  1. @Iran
  2. @Iran

    Fix OnFormClosing's MessageBox.Show under mono, unix newline and Envi…

    Iran authored
    …ronment.Newline didn't work, but Windows newline does work
  3. @Iran
  4. @chrisforbes
  5. @chrisforbes

    Fixed sequence crash

    Caleb Anderson authored chrisforbes committed
  6. @pchote @chrisforbes

    Fix random logging

    pchote authored chrisforbes committed
  7. @pchote @chrisforbes

    Apply the same to bibs and smudges

    pchote authored chrisforbes committed
  8. @chrisforbes

    Removed website from main repository.

    Matthew Bowra-Dean authored chrisforbes committed
  9. @chrisforbes

    fix prev

    chrisforbes authored
  10. @pchote
  11. @Iran @chrisforbes
  12. @pchote

    3x faster syncreport

    pchote authored
Commits on Sep 18, 2010
  1. @pchote
  2. @pchote
  3. @pchote

    Fix osx packaging

    pchote authored
  4. @pchote

    sync SharedRandom

    pchote authored
  5. @pchote

    Remove debug spam

    pchote authored
  6. @pchote
  7. @pchote

    Fix z-offset

    pchote authored
  8. @pchote

    Try again, with less fail.

    pchote authored
  9. @pchote

    Powerdown etc... untested

    pchote authored
  10. @pchote

    Update power on damage

    pchote authored
  11. @pchote
  12. @pchote
  13. @chrisforbes


    chrisforbes authored
  14. @chrisforbes
  15. @chrisforbes
  16. @chrisforbes
  17. @chrisforbes
  18. Fixed RPM build script file listing

    Matthew authored
  19. @chrisforbes

    more editor hax

    chrisforbes authored
  20. @chrisforbes

    unwtf the editor a bit

    chrisforbes authored
  21. @katzsmile @chrisforbes

    Added export minimap to PNG. Hided unfinished Tools and Bitmap import…

    katzsmile authored chrisforbes committed
    … menus.
    Added hack to render building roofs of they have same name but have "2" in name. (weap and weap2)
    Signed-off-by: katzsmile <>
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