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Commits on Oct 6, 2010
  1. @chrisforbes

    Clamp, scroll, scrollspeed, sliders

    Caleb Anderson authored chrisforbes committed
    Reduced clamp duplication
    Fixed scrolling speed issue
    Modified scrollspeed slider to use a range
    Fixed scrollspeed, volume, and sound sliders not showing current setting.
  2. @chrisforbes

    fix crash on warhead=null

    chrisforbes authored
  3. @chrisforbes
  4. @rasco @chrisforbes

    HackyAI: builds defense now. rally points are rechosen so units are m…

    rasco authored chrisforbes committed
    …ore scattered in the base. builds only e1-3 and 1-3tnks.
  5. @chrisforbes
  6. @chrisforbes

    tweak nuke timing back

    chrisforbes authored
  7. @chrisforbes

    fix silent nukes

    chrisforbes authored
  8. @chrisforbes
  9. @chrisforbes
  10. @chrisforbes
  11. @chrisforbes
  12. @chrisforbes
  13. @chrisforbes
  14. @chrisforbes
  15. @chrisforbes
  16. @chrisforbes

    ra: brik hp 1500 => 1000

    chrisforbes authored
  17. @chrisforbes
  18. @chrisforbes
  19. @chrisforbes
  20. @chrisforbes

    RA: +20% 4tnk HP

    chrisforbes authored
Commits on Oct 5, 2010
  1. @chrisforbes
  2. @chrisforbes
  3. @pchote

    Prevent a race condition

    pchote authored
  4. @pchote
  5. @chrisforbes
  6. @chrisforbes

    CNC: +25% HP on FACT/MCV

    chrisforbes authored
  7. @pchote

    Fix wall sell exploit

    pchote authored
  8. @max621 @pchote

    Fixed auto attack not working properly due to code expecting 'Idle' a…

    max621 authored pchote committed
    …ctivity but most units use 'IdleAnimation' in RA mod
  9. @chrisforbes @pchote

    fix ubuntu-64 support (Tao.FreeType was quite bogus.)

    chrisforbes authored pchote committed
  10. @pchote

    Updated git url to point to new upstream location.

    Matthew authored pchote committed
  11. @pchote

    Netcode discussion from Etherpad.

    Matthew authored pchote committed
  12. @pchote

    Export FTP server and added username/password to VERSION file upload.

    Matthew authored pchote committed
  13. @pchote

    Don't tell all players about my yaks

    Caleb Anderson authored pchote committed
  14. @pchote

    New slider Range parameter. Palette modifications. Potential crash fi…

    Caleb Anderson authored pchote committed
    …x. Clamp function.
    Range parameter added to slider. Supports returning a range of values
    rather than just 0-1. Allows you to not have to post process the offset.
    Modified palette selector to not have full range, which was causing
    blown out units.
    Introduced exension method Clamp<T>(min, max)
    Fixed crash deserializing out of bound color value using above
Commits on Oct 2, 2010
  1. @chrisforbes
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