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Adding GPG encryption option to a list

Andris Reinman edited this page Apr 25, 2016 · 1 revision

You can add GPG encryption option to any list. To do this you should add a new custom field of "GPG Public Key" type. If a subscriber has successfully set up GPG key then all messages sent to this subscriber are GPG encrypted using the provided key.

1. Open Custom fields

You can navigate to List Custom Fields section by clicking on "List Actions" and selecting "Custom Fields"

2. Add new Custom Field

You can add new Custom Field by clicking on the "Create Custom Field" button

3. Setup GPG field

Add a name to the new field (this will be displayed in the signup form) and select "GPG Public Key" as the field type

Thats it! Next time someone tries to sign up to this list they are going to see a new option to upload their GPG Public Key