RSS Campaigns

Andris Reinman edited this page May 4, 2016 · 2 revisions

This feature applies to Mailtrain v1.4+

Mailtrain can be used to track a RSS feed – whenever a new entry appears in that feed, it is converted into a campaign and sent to specified subscribers. You can also use merge tags in post content or post title, these are replaced with subscriber specific values.

1. Create a new RSS campaign

When creating a new campaign there is an option to create a RSS campaign instead of "normal" campaign

2. Set RSS feed details

When creating the campaign, you need to have a valid RSS url that can be provided for the campaign. In the following example I use the feed URL for TechCrunch articles.

3. Activate campaign

By default the feed is not checked and no messages are sent. To actually start sending you need to activate it by hitting on the "Activate" button

4. Messages appear as subcampaigns

Whenever a new post is found from the provided feed it is converted into a normal campaign and sent out to the selected list. You can find all these subcampaigns in the footer of the RSS campaign page.

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