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The documentation was migrated to the Mailu Website :
For user support, please reach out to us on our Mailu channel on Matrix:

Here You will only find developer docs. For the time being everything is still WIP. Nothing is set in stone. Take everything with a grain of salt until this line is removed.

Describe for each service (image):

  • Purpose of service and general description.
  • General description of all features it offers and what technologies are used.
  • How is it started (initialized).
  • How is the configuration managed.
  • Explanation of file structure for each service in the project.


  • location to describe how certain general features work in detail. E.g.
    • authentication architecture
    • integration of antispam in rspamd (instead of as milter)
    • how dkim/dmarc/arc is handled
    • admin that provides access to data stored in the database for all other services.
    • Podop
    • etc
  • Picture that shows how all services are linked to each other
    • also describe what kind of communication we have between all services.
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