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Mainframe OS

A platform for easily building and running distributed, unstoppable apps.


The main components (packages) of the Mainframe Platform are as follows:

  • daemon: a background daemon process that communicates with decentralized services
  • launcher: the Mainframe application installing, launching and running sandboxed apps

In addition, there are several auxiliary packages:

  • app-manifest: an utility library for app manifests creation an validation
  • app-permissions: an utility library for distributed app permissions
  • cli: a command-line interface to communicate with the daemon
  • client: a library used by the CLI & launcher to communicate with the daemon
  • config: shared configuration utilities used by several packages
  • data-types: shared data primitives
  • toolbox: a set of functions that both the launcher and the cli use

In order to make it easier to share code among packages, this project uses lerna. Whenever code changes, it's expected that you run yarn run build from the root of the project directory, and it will kick off the necessary lerna build processes in the package folders.

Project Status

This project is in alpha, lots of breaking changes are to be expected between releases. It is using libraries and services that are themselves still in early stages of development. The cryptography and overall security have not been audited, no guarantees should be expected from this project at this stage.

Getting Started




  • Node v10.x and Yarn => v1.13
  • Installed git and added to PATH environment variable

Platform-specific dependencies

sudo apt install -y libudev-dev libtool libusb-1.0-0-dev build-essential
npm install --global --production windows-build-tools


Each package contains (or will contain) a readme with further information pertaining to setup. A shortcut guide is as follows:

In the root of the project, install node dependencies:

yarn install
yarn build

Next, a local environment must be created. An environment contains references to all the vaults created and stores the downloaded application contents. To create a new environment, run the following command:

packages/cli/bin/run env:create

Or on Windows

"packages/cli/bin/run.cmd" env:create

This first environment should be created with the development type and set as default environment.


Building the code

Whenever code changes in any other package than the launcher, you should build everything (via lerna) with:

yarn run build

Then, build dependencies:

cd packages/launcher && yarn deps:build

Then, start the OS:

MAINFRAME_ENV=<your_env_name> yarn run dev

Building Mainframe Apps

Information and guides for building MainframeOS apps can be found in our developer docs.

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